Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review for Monster Rehab--Green Tea


170 mg


Not as common as Rehab—Lemonade, but still readily available to interested parties.


Rehab—Green Tea has the same motif as all of the Rehab line, except—hope you’re seated—it employs green in its background to set it apart from the rest.  I deem this getup to be as effective as any of ‘em.


The flavor is hard to place—it is earthy, with a convincing fruity flavor that I actually quite enjoyed.  I’ve read a couple of reviews that say pineapple (thanks edjunkie and caffeineking101), and it does contain both pineapple and apple juices, but I didn’t really detect either flavor—just that ambiguous fruitiness.  Regardless, it’s a thoroughly refreshing and enjoyable taste experience, and something I have no reservations against recommending.


The effects hit pretty quick, and when they do, it’s an enjoyable ride.  I got plenty of jitters and a nice blasting away of my early morning fatigue—what more can one ask for?


Even if most of the time spent experiencing the effects of Rehab—Green Tea was at a more muted level, I was able to remain awake and functional for quite a while.  The first four hours of my workday were pretty easy to deal with, and even once the effects were no longer tangible, I didn’t feel in the least like I’d crashed.


Monster’s brought forth another winner with Monster Rehab—Green Tea; as with the others, it’s a superb drink for its prescribed purposes.  This has the benefit of being one of the better tasting ones, and it’s something I’ll be sure to employ again in the future.  My advice to those who haven’t tried it is to do so, and to those who have I say keep drinking!

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