Monday, August 5, 2013

Reveiw for Up To 10 Hour Super Charge--Berry Burst




Generally rare, but still far too common in my book.


If you really want to read a big, long tirade on my feelings on this shot’s looks, you can read it in my review of the Concord Grape flavor here…otherwise just take it from me that this is about the worst packaging job I’ve ever seen.


5 Hour Energy clone—and are you surprised?  Just about any shot sporting the word “berry” is going to be a clone; that’s just the way it works.  Only distinction from the original in the flavor profile is the heightened bitterness, making it all the more disagreeable.


I really, really, really, really hate these shots.  If you want to feel awake, I guess you could technically turn to these—but at a price I don’t think is worth paying.  Unlike any other energy products I’ve tried, these cause me to feel a profound sense of agitation that makes it next to impossible to do anything even remotely productive.  It’s an ugly, extraordinarily unpleasant experience—trust me, you are light years better off tired.


Ordinarily, I’d consider four hours to be a respectable, but in light of the fact that it’s suggested that you may get up to 10 hours out of this project, I find it very underwhelming.


This is one of those rare instances in which the numbers lie.  Just evaluating this out of 10, you might think it somewhat below average, but may still contemplate it if in the mood for something different.  But the numbers don’t tell you what you really need to know—that this is the worst type of energy supplement, the one that may wake you up but will in the process render you so inefficient that you venture into realms of negative productivity.  You don’t need this product; nobody does.  Don’t even think about this one.


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