Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review for Vuka Workout


160 mg


Hard to find, unless you happen to live (from what I understand) in a major metropolitan center.  There, they’re a breeze to get your hands on.


If only for the thick aluminum bottle, I would have a healthy appreciation for the packaging, as most of the time, thick bottles seem to indicate that companies give a darn about what they’re selling.  But awesome bottle aside, the print job on this drink is beautiful.  The red bottle is bright and lustrous, and that stylized sun only completes the look, giving it the appearance of having been designed by a bona fide artist rather than some hack.


Wasn’t really sure what to expect when I opened this bottle—most flavored lemonade energy drinks I’ve had have been pretty bad, but on the other hand, the look of it led me to believe that Vuka isn’t the sort of company just to churn out some Country Time-esque product.  In any event, my worries were dispelled when I took my first sip, which tasted like an earthy (thanks to the rooibos) cranberry lemonade more than anything else—perhaps with hints of raspberry and strawberry.  It was certainly unique and refreshing, and nothing I’d have a problem drinking if I could find it anywhere around here.


Boost is fairly decent, strong enough to get me awake and really productive and focused, but at the same time not so over-the-top as to make me extraordinarily jittery.


Four hours with (drum roll) no crash!


All in all, Vuka Workout is a fairly solid energy drink, a splendid harmony of flavor and function that should appeal to seasoned energy connoisseur and rookie caffeine junkie alike.  If you can find it, try it.


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