Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review for Wired X Passion Fruit

One of the few things that excites me less than the prospect of another Wired Red Bull clone is the prospect of another one of Wired’s miscellaneous energy drinks—drinks toting (more or less) the same energy blend as the original, just with a different (and typically lackluster) flavor.

Wired X Passion Fruit falls into the latter category—even though there exist different ingredients in the proprietary blend, most of these have little to do with energy (ex: aloe vera extract and calcium), so in the end, the result is the same—at least as far as I’m concerned.  On the plus side, part of proceeds I put forward to buy this drink were donated towards breast cancer research—so I can at least feel good about that.


94 mg


This is not one of your more common Wired beverages—one can go for months at a time without a single sighting, then have it pop up at some obscure location.  It can be found…it just requires patience.


This is obviously a female-oriented drink—calcium in the drink, donating portions of proceeds to breast cancer research, and then the packaging…which looks kind of what I imagine hell would look like if the devil were a woman.  Interesting concept, but not one that makes me think “energy.”


As is spelled out on the can, this is a passion fruit flavored drink.  It tastes alright, I suppose, but there are far better passion fruit flavored energy drinks out there—enough that I can’t really bring myself to care at all about Wired’s take on it.


Average—enough to wake you up, but not enough to make an impression.


Two and a half hours or so.  No crash.


Pass on Wired X Passion Fruit; buy a NOS.

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