Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review for Liquid Nitro Energy Shooter

Some number of months ago, I got into reviewing energy shots.  Not because I liked my first, but I was so underwhelmed that I became committed to finding the perfect shot—one that not only provided formidable energy, but one that tasted really delicious.  After what felt like jillions of 5 Hour Energy clones later, I was ready to give up and stick with the stuff that at least has a chance to taste good—but figured I would review what I had left in my reserves first.

Turns out that glorious energy supplement, that shot to end all shots was waiting there in my closet, and it is the Liquid Nitro Energy Shooter.


200 mg


Far too uncommon.  Found at Circle K stores mostly on the Western seaboard—it needs to be everywhere.


I love that Liquid Nitro went for the big bottle and the bona fide label here, rather than just sticking it in a squat, shrink-wrapped 2 oz. bottle.  The packaging job sets it apart from the rest, and with the simplicity of the Liquid Nitro logo you’ve got a nice-looking shot on your hands—both convenient and attractive.


YES!!!  YES!!!

I can finally say that I love an energy shot.  Liquid Nitro Energy Shooter has to be one of the more delicious energy products I’ve had in quite a while, and is all the more glorious in that it stands out so starkly against the general mediocrity of the energy shot world.  You’ve got a number of fruits listed on the bottle—mangosteen, gooseberry, pomegranate, etc.—but the first time I tried it, it tasted like liquid honeydew melon with some cantaloupe.  The second shot I had was a bit more berry-influenced, but it retained that melony deliciousness that I fell in love with from the first swig.

There is a bit of bitterness to the aftertaste, but after drinking so many shots that seemed to be entirely comprised of bitterness, I’m not inclined to be critical.  This would be a regular purchase for me if only I could find it nearby.


So not only does it taste fantastic, it packs a punch—this was a pretty intense rush of jitter-free energy; the kind that enables you to do just about anything…though I wouldn’t recommend trying to sit still.  This makes you want to be active.


Four hours, no crash.


At last, the search is over—and I’m glad to have embarked on it.  This is bar none the best energy shot I’ve ever had, and if it weren’t for the fact that I review them I don’t think I’d ever touch another shot.  If you’re into shots or not into shots, you need to buy this and try this.  Either way, it’s probably going to make you a convert.

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