Monday, July 22, 2013

Review for NeuroSonic


50 mg (according to my sources)


Much less common than they used to be.  Nowadays, Neuro products seem to be a dying breed, finding their niche in the discount sections of grocery stores and at outlets such as Big Lots at greatly reduced prices.


Functionally, this could use some work.  My biggest tiff is the fact that you have to really read this to discover that it’s meant to be an energy product; it’s only through little bits that say things like “energize the healthy way” and “Not recommended for children under 12 years or people sensitive to caffeine.  If you are pregnant or nursing contact your physician prior to use.” that you get that idea that Neuro wants you to get.  For that, I have to dock a point—what’s the point of making an energy beverage if you’re not going to advertise it as such?  Now, focusing on the aesthetics—this is a beautiful bottle.  I don’t know why the lighter red does so much more for me than the NeuroPassion bottle, but it does; this combined with the sleek and almost futuristic look make this a winner in my book.  Even now I can’t help but pause from reviewing it every so often just so I can take it in.


No idea what to expect here—all I could think as I was pouring out the pale, pink-orange beverage into my glass of ice was “well, can’t be much worse than NeuroPassion.*”  The first sips aren’t promising—very watered down.  However, the more you drink it, the more depth it takes on, and soon you’re enjoying a moderately refreshing beverage with the flavor of mildly carbonated grapefruit—minus the exceptional tartness characterizing the actual fruit.  I won’t vouch for it’s potency (see the next two sections), but for the flavor alone I’d say it’s worth a try.


This one reminds me of a decent-sized Diet Coke in terms of kick—enough to add a bit of spring to your step, but short of what most caffeine junkies (like myself) look for.  I might try drinking two or three in succession one of these days, just to see what happens; but until that time I’ll be seeking my boost elsewhere.


Ballpark of an hour, no crash (not surprising).


In short, I like the flavor quite a bit, but am not so wild about the kick.  When it comes right down to it, this is a very confused product—it’s an energy drink that really doesn’t claim to be an energy drink and doesn’t deliver much in the kick department.  If you’re one of those people that gets out-of-your-mind wired after a Mountain Dew I think this will suffice; otherwise you might have to go the serial drinking route to get a real boost out of this.

*—You might remember that as far as flavor is concerned, I awarded NeuroPassion a 6/10 at the time I reviewed it.  The reason behind my apparent heightened dislike is the fact that NeuroPassion is one of those drinks that you like less the more you think about it—kind of like a movie that you see, enjoy at the time, and then go on to pick it apart for days after the fact until you’re filled with nothing but loathing towards it (think “Avatar”).  I indicated that NeuroPassion was nothing worth spending money on at the time, and reiterate that point with added conviction now.


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  1. I was wondering why I don't see brand anymore. Seems like this brand is on it's to the graveyard if it's dying. It's already gone from the stores I went to where I live.

  2. I heard what they are doing with this flavor. Link:


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