Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review for Rip It--Citrus X


200 mg


Only as common as the dollar stores in your area.


Citrus X has the same quasi-tribal sunburst thing as all the others; the only thing that makes it distinguishable from the rest being is the color combination—shades of gray for the tribal design, yellow-ish for the background.  In terms of how unremarkable it is, it’s actually quite remarkable—I don’t think I’ve seen a drink this drab looking before.  Unless you’re really keeping your eyes peeled for it, it’s really pretty easy to pass it over in the energy drink section.


Pouring this out into my Energy Glass (yes…I have a flare pilsner exclusively for 16 oz. energy drinks), I found Citrus X to possess an opaque, toxic fluorescent orange color—very reminiscent of Sunny D, the sugar-and-industrial-solvent drink that most of us remember from our growing-up years.  Taking a drink—it’s about that, just less sugary (as far as taste is concerned; in terms of content it’s got enough HFCS to make one think that an entire corn field went to filling a single can) and not quite as strong, which I can’t decide if that’s good thing or a bad thing—it could be good because Sunny D doesn’t taste particularly good, and it could be bad because it tastes like the drink doesn’t really have the balls to go all-out on the flavor.  Either way, it really just sucks—one of the most mediocre flavors I’ve ever experienced.


As pitiful as the taste is, if you drink Citrus X, you’ve got a pretty solid kick waiting for you—it’ll wake you up fast and hard, and should be sufficient for all but the most persistent fatigue.


Not so long-lived as it is intense, but still satisfactory.  Anticipate 3½ hours of functional energy before the end.


So the kick’s nice, but the taste sucks.  Decide for yourself whether or not this is worth your consideration.


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  1. Personally i quite enjoy the taste..... Reminds me alot of a soda that used to be around in the 90's called surge

  2. How the fuck would you say this tastes mediocre? It is literally the best tasting drink I have had in my life.

  3. I must disagree with you as well on the taste, Brandon.

    Citrus X is actually my favorite energy drink on the market, not just for the kick, but because it doesn't have that typical "energy drink-y" flavor. Hard to describe what I mean, but I love it.

    1. Disagree away. I'm always happy to hear differing opinions on energy products, especially when it happens a lot with the same product like this (revisiting beverages with purpose gives me something to do when the supply of new drinks run dry).

      Thanks for keeping it cordial.

  4. by far the best tasting energy drink on the market.


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