Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review for Go Girl Peach Tea


65 mg


Limited (in my experience) to the West Coast.  The further east you go, the drier your luck runs.


I don’t respond to the orange of Go Girl Peach Tea as well as I do to the teals of Go Girl Pomegranate Star Fruit—beyond that, the design is so underwhelming that there’s really nothing to say about the presentation as a whole.


I’ll be honest—I didn’t count on this one being tasty.  The original Go Girl had a badly watered down berry flavor, and Go Girl Pomegranate Star Fruit was about average on the scale of pleasantness.  Go Girl Peach Tea is very delicious, having am earthy, lightly sweet peach flavor that goes excellent with ice.  I could easily see myself downing two or three of these on a hot afternoon.


At 65 mg, this is the least caffeinated beverage I’ve had—at least if you count those where the caffeine content is listed.  One can tell—I could hardly feel anything.  On the plus side, I did experience a daylong relief of my caffeine cravings—though I don’t rate drinks with reference to their utility in addiction recovery.


Hour, hour and a half, maybe?  Hard to tell.


I feel bad assigning this rating to Go Girl Peach Tea—really.  I have to report, however, that a single can isn’t going to do much by way of a boost (provided you have my metabolism), but remember that the taste of this drink is very nice, and it wouldn’t be hard at all to drink more than that in one sitting.  Maybe one could get a decent a decent boost thus.

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