Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reveiw for 5 Hour Energy--Raspberry


200 mg


Emerging.  Anticipate seeing it just about everywhere in time.


As much as I love seeing the 5 Hour Energy running dude sprinting up mountains, I find it hard to find fault with this one.  If you’re not going to go with the usual, it makes sense to saturate the bottle with colors deep and agreeable enough to make up for it.


5 Hour Energy is actually getting pretty good at this.

When I initially went through the company’s lineup last year, I freaking hated them—the energy was pretty good (okay, okay, I’ll admit it—the energy was insanely awesome, with the exception of that extraordinarily useless ‘Decaf’ shot), but they tasted abysmal.  It was almost as though making an energy product both concentrated and tasty was impossible, and the company had resigned itself to the fact and was selling them at a ridiculous price.

Such is not the case with these new shots.  5 Hour Energy has not grown complacent as the industry leaders—it seems as though they’ve recognized the bitter and sickeningly sweet shortcomings of their previous product and have been busy finding ways to make it so that their new products are not brought down by them.  In this case, you have a product that 1) almost tastes like actual raspberries, and 2) lacks a lot of the aftertaste that made earlier shots so hard to get down.  It’s still there to an extent, but this shot still represents a major step in the right direction (maybe just a bit less of one than their Extra Strength Sour Apple shot), and is actually starting to make a 5 Hour Energy fan of me.


5 Hour Energy shots are not exceptionally intense, though they are exceptionally effective.  If you’re looking to get wired out of your mind, go elsewhere.  If, however, you are looking for the feeling of being fairly awake under your own steam and fairly alert and focused (a really excellent energy state to find one’s self in, let me tell you), this is absolutely the way to go.


The original strength 5 Hour Energy is true to the namesake—need I say more?


If these recent releases, with their relative palpability and high efficacy, can make a fan out of me, I think they are well worth consideration on the part of the general public.  Try this one—newbie and 5 Hour veteran alike—and let me know what you think.

WEBSITE: 5hourenergy.com

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