Saturday, January 19, 2013

Review for E-Motion Energy Shot


Not certain; my guess is about 200 mg


Got mine in a trade with BigRedBoots (, who earns my sincere thanks for the chance to review this but did not say how easy it was for him to get it…not that I asked, and not that it’s that important.


Almost always, I get excited when I see larger bottles like this, because more often than not they’re the ones that taste better—not good, at least not in my experience (yet…), but better.  The small, 2 oz. shrink-wrapped ones, however…well, they almost always taste like a cough syrup experiment gone amuck.  So the big bottle’s a plus, and the sleek look is a plus; the only thing that really irked me was the lack of caffeine content on the bottle.


You a fan of NX energy drinks but like the compactness of shots?  Well you are in luck—because this tastes exactly like an NX energy drink.  Now, for those of you who have not read one of my reviews on NX, I am a bit of a dissident in the energy review world for my thoughts on it—whereas most reviewers have had many a favorable thing to say about them, I have a very difficult time getting through a bottle.  It’s not like the flavor in and of itself is bad; it’s the aroma makes me sick to my stomach—almost like getting hit with a whiff of rotten fruit every time I try to take a sip.  Same problem here…taste isn’t all that bad, but the stench of decaying mangos makes this very difficult for me to enjoy.


That said, it was almost worth it to get through the bottle to experience the kick—this is a nice, solid boost, and for the most part strong enough for just about any day-to-day energy requiring situation…be it the gym, school, driving, or going from store to store for about three hours looking for yarn with your wife to make the hats she sells in her online store (or any combination of three of those).  (Side note: the shot contains an antioxidant blend.  I don’t think that really means anything, but the company would probably appreciate it if I were thorough in my coverage of their shot.)


Four rock-solid hours—no crash!  (Can you tell I’m enthused about this?)


Well, the taste really leaves something to be desired, but as I said, most other reviewers really liked this flavor, and that aside; Immunotec has demonstrated that they really know how to make a product that kicks.  Try it out if you can find it nearby, and let me know what you think.


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