Monday, November 7, 2011

Review for Monster Energy--Absolutely Zero


160 mg/16 oz. can
240 mg/24 oz. can


Given the demand for a zero calorie Monster Energy beverage (see the side of the can for details; typically I don't put a lot of stock into what drinks say on the sides of the cans, but in this case it makes sense), it isn’t surprising that Monster Energy—Absolutely Zero is so easy to come by.  It’s as common as any of ‘em.


With its ice blue/muted dark blue/purple color scheme (and curious geometric tracings visible upon close inspection), Absolutely Zero is quite an attention catcher/holder.  Given how little thought is placed into the packaging of most zero calorie beverages (see Amp Energy Sugar Free and NOS Sugar Free for examples), the ingenuity placed into the concept of  Absolutely Zero represents a refreshing breeze (or ice-cold nor’easter) of creativity.


Well, I have to say I did like this one, though I have to put out the word of warning that like Lo-Carb, this one won’t please diehards of the sugared version.  It’s Monster, to be sure, but the difference from the original is perceptible, if only barely.  By way of elaboration, the extensive smoothness from the artificial sweetener(s) that masked a great deal of the flavor in Lo-Carb is significantly less extensive, leaving more of that delicious Monster flavor that so many of us love, though there was a time or two where I did pick up traces of another artificial sweetener aftertaste that was a little distracting.  All-in-all Monster did a bang-up job with the flavor—I just really hope they never decide to put some other low-calorie beverage with stevia as the sweetener….

16 OZ. CAN


The kick was pretty nice.  I was at that point of alertness that one likes to be at when they’ve just had an energy drink—a nice, high level of functional alertness, with enough jitters to be noticeable, but not enough to be considered excessive.


The longevity of effective alertness was plenty more than adequate.  Perfect for a long morning of studying or test taking, or anything of the sort.


Again, Monster has exceeded my expectations with a not-so-high-calorie (in this case zero) energy drink.  It tastes good and works well—what more can you ask…oh, wait.  It’s also got zero calories.  Almost forgot to mention it.  That said, even if you’re feeling particularly apprehensive about it I’d recommend you give it a try; if nothing else you at least get a shot at finding a drink that you love that you don't have to feel guilty about drinking, and how cool is that?

24 OZ. CAN


If you take down 24 ounces of Monster Energy—Absolutely Zero, expect it to hit pretty hard and pretty fast.  I was still working on the can when the jitters started, and it only got more intense.  I’ll say this—if you need to stay awake, Monster Energy—Absolutely Zero in this size can definitely be counted on.


Nothing’s worse than getting a nice, hard kick out of a drink, only to have it crap out on you before the job’s done—but, this isn’t a problem with Monster Energy—Absolutely Zero.  4+ hours of efficacy can be anticipated at the very least.


Honestly, even though I consider the 16 oz. version sufficient, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab the 24 oz. given the chance.  I’m quite fond of the flavor, and found the raw intensity of the drink to be quite gratifying.  Now if only Absolutely Zero came in a 32 oz. BFC….

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