Monday, January 21, 2013

Review for Maxxed Energy Pop


40 mg


Obtained in a trade.  Thank you Mr. Boots!


This is a cool freaking packaging job.  I can think of few things that would hype me up about an energy sucker than finding out that each individual sucker has been placed in its own energy drink can-esque cardboard tube—that’s just cool!  Now, in saying this I have revealed that I’m easily swayed by these sorts of gimmicks—but I don’t care.  This is still a cool freaking packaging job.


As far as the actual experience…this was a weird sucker.  The flavor’s lemon-lime, plus some other fruits, and it really tastes alright.  But…I don’t get what the need was to make this sucker so gritty.  There are little granules of something in here that made it feel like the sucker was made of coarse sandpaper—and it was really, really weird, and a little unpleasant.  I’m glad I had the heads-up on this so I could be careful, but there was still one little area on the roof of my mouth just behind my two front teeth that was in constant contact with the sucker during the fact—and it felt scraped and raw for a few days after the fact.  Consume with caution.


I don’t know that it was so much the caffeine in this sucker that woke me up as it was eating a cat-tongue sucker—but in any event, I didn’t have any troubles with falling asleep as long as it was in my mouth.


Effects only lasted a half-hour after I finished the pop before I got ready for bed and had no troubles falling asleep.  Still, it was nice while it lasted.


This is the sort of thing you try for the sake of experiencing it—kind of like surströmming, except it’s not fermented Baltic herring.  Judging by the fact that I can’t find the website anywhere I’m guessing this has been discontinued, but if you do happen upon this, do give it a shot.

WEBSITE: not available

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