Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review for Starbucks Refreshers--Strawberry Lemonade


40-55 mg


Not uncommon, but still found more at less conspicuous locations than at major chains.  Probably will change soon enough, though….


Starbucks Refreshers—Strawberry Lemonade has the same problem as Raspberry Pomegranate in terms of the exposure of aluminum giving the can an incomplete look, only it lacks the bold, rich coloration of the latter.  On one hand, this means less contrast between the “completed” part of the can and the more-or-less bare part and therefore less of a clash, on the other hand, this lack of clash works as sort of a testament to the packaging’s slight weakness.


I liked Starbucks Refresher’s Strawberry Lemonade's flavor less than I did the Raspberry Pomegranate—even if both had the same overstated sweetness, at least Raspberry Pomegranate tasted somewhat different.  Strawberry lemonade is a pretty standard, run-of-the-mill flavor, and I don’t feel as though I really gained anything out of drinking it.


Quite unremarkable and unsatisfying.  You get a mild boost, and that’s all.  Scarcely enough to be considered a kick.


Starbucks Refreshers—Strawberry Lemonade lasts only about 2 hours before giving out.  Given how weak the initial kick was, I’m surprised I could tell that it lasted even that long.


Well, if you’ve got to try a Starbucks Refreshers beverage, go with Raspberry Pomegranate.  Strawberry Lemonade is really quite unremarkable in every respect, and bound to please only Starbucks diehards.

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  1. I liked all of them - was not looking for a huge kick. Will buy again, if I can find them.

  2. Too darn expensive and have not noticed any "kick". Raspberry Pomegranate tasted OK.

  3. Strawberry lemonade is my favorite! And I never drank Starbucks until these drinks came out. I don't like the bitter taste of coffee, and now I get the coffee bean without that bitterness. And the other reason I like it is because there isn't a whole lot of caffeine in it, so that's a bonus for those of us don't want too much

  4. I like the Strawberry Lemonade.. I have the Raspberry Pomegranate in my fridge, I'll try that later. I'm not looking for a kick... I don't think, although I could use one. It'll probably be just a one time try thing, and then an occasional purchase.

  5. I like them all. If you're looking for mild caffeinated drink especially for warm weather they're pretty good. These aren't meant to be the crazy over caffeinated stuff that im personally not that crazy about. I also like that it's carbonated.


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