Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review for Amp Energy--Lightning Sugar Free


160 mg


The popularity of this drink appears to be waning quite rapidly—over the last few months, it has all but disappeared from stores, at least around here.  It would not surprise me if Amp were to discontinue the beverage in the near future, but for now, it can still be found if you look hard enough.


The packaging on Amp Energy—Lightning Sugar Free is just bland—there’s really no better word for it.  Just bare aluminum with the Amp logo and a black/yellow flame.  If I weren’t a reviewer and didn’t feel the need to drink it, I’d have just passed it over.


In this drink, I could actually taste the lemonade, which is an improvement over the sugared version.  It still tastes like your run-of-the-mill low cal lemonade, and is about as unremarkable as you can get.


The kick was very lackluster—I was awake for the drive home from Twin Falls, but lots of drinks can do that and more, and they taste better.


Duration of kick was average.  Drink this and you’ll be in your unremarkable state of awakedness for about 3 hours.


Well, I for one am exceptionally unimpressed with this drink.  It brings nothing new or remarkable to the table at all.  If Amp were to discontinue it, I don’t think anyone would notice.

WEBSITE: ampenergy.com

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