Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review for Fuel Sugar Free


240 mg


Quite scarce.  If you’re looking to get your hands on one, check everywhere, with an emphasis on stores like Big Lots.


Before I say anything else—I really like the size and shape of the bottle.  It fit very comfortably in my hand, and the wide mouth was perfect for any speed of drinking.  Now my tiffs—it’s a thin-walled bottle, and I prefer the thick aluminum bottles such as those of the Venom line.  Second, it looks pretty unexciting, adorned by lots of bare aluminum, a vertical logo (chrome pipe look is alright), and stylized flames.  Functionally a success, aesthetically pretty lackluster.


With drinks put out by these smaller companies, absent (as is the case here) or vague flavor names typically means I’m about to pop open a Red Bull clone.  I assumed that such was the case here—but I was WRONG!  And I love being wrong when it comes to that, because I get so tired of the Red Bull clones!  Anyway, it’s a red berry flavor, more raspberry-ish than anything else.  The artificial sweeteners were strong and kind of distracted me from what could have been a pretty delicious experience, but otherwise, I didn’t really have a problem.


Fuel Sugar Free was plenty intense—the initial wake-up came quick (three minutes or so), and pretty soon (15 minutes) I was going a mile a minute getting all my housework done in a very timely fashion.  As far as quality was concerned, it was a pretty smooth kick—didn’t feel really jittery or blathery, but was unmistakably awake and very alert—in a word, I would say I was functional.


4 hours, give or take.  No crash, either.


So, for only 60 cents, this was not a bad energy drink at all.  If you can find it, I’d certainly encourage buying at least one bottle, if only to give it a shot.

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