Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review for Arizona RX Energy


112 mg


Never really paid attention to Arizona drinks until this one caught my eye.  Most are found almost everywhere, but this one seems to be a hair less common than the rest.  Still, it’s not by any means impossible to find; you just might have to make a few more stops than usual before you do.


I have mixed feelings about this can.  I like the semi-old school look, with the black and white image of the runners and the red “RX ENERGY”, but I hate the shade of yellow used as the background—the drink would look so much better with a vastly less ugly color.  The overall effect is somewhat lackluster, especially next to the flashier Arizona cans.


Wasn’t sure what to expect here—I know people who love Arizona drinks so much that they practically orgasm every time they pass by a can at the store, and I’ve known others who, trying one for the first time, open the passenger-side door and spray their first mouthful out, not even sparing a second to make sure they didn’t aerosolize the stuff all over the car parked next to us (which is what my wife did, if you were wondering).  I found it was about average in terms of pleasantness—I liked the mango, lemon, and orange flavors mixed in here (I found myself thinking it was somewhat like a superior version of Amp), though I didn’t like the high-fructose corn syrup taste that kind of marred the last little bit of the flavor experience, or the somewhat unpleasant aftertaste of the herbs used to provide the boost.  Still, it wasn’t bad enough to be a deal-breaker for me.


This is where Arizona RX Energy shone in my eyes—not because it was exceptionally intense, but because of how nice it felt to be in the throes of its boost.  This is a drink for which the term “kick” is almost misleading—it’s more of an energizing refreshing.  I honestly felt fantastic, like I’d had a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast and was properly hydrated and everything.  If only for this, I’d be happy to go back to Arizona RX Energy.


Three hours, without even so much as a hint of a crash.


You’ve got to try this one.  I wasn’t super wild about the flavor, but I loved how I felt after I drank it.  This has a kick that’s in a class of it’s own, and would love to see in other energy drinks.  But…since I haven’t experienced anything quite like it with any other beverage, I guess I’ll have to keep going back to Arizona RX Energy.

Did I mention it only costs 99 cents?

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  1. I found Arizona RX Energy at ALPS, but had never tried it. But I did some of the other Arizona drinks.

  2. I tried this today and it tasted like pineapple to me. It didn't give me much energy though.

  3. I like the taste but i still don't trust it I would not advise anyone to feed on it everyday.

  4. I drink it every morning. It gets me through my day. I'd be a goner without it

  5. By far my favorite "energy" drink. It's more of a "functional beverage" in my eyes considering the boost it gives is so smooth and wonderful that you don't even notice a pickup or a crash, but just the feeling of awakeness in general. The review for this is spot on.

    Be warned though... Arizonas are deceiving. You may think you are getting a healthy substitute for other drinks, but they are just as bad as anything else considering the calories and sugar content. The nutrition facts look innocent enough, but that's only for 1 serving. There are 3 servings in a can. I'm not saying it's terrible for you, especially the zero calorie iced teas (which I love), but just be aware it's not as good for you as you may have possibly thought.

    Bottom line, I LOVE THIS DRINK. When I have them available I like to have one just about every other day. Arizona RxEnergy is to me what coffee is to most people, but it ONLY COSTS $.99! Give it a shot, especially if you like Arizona.

  6. Thanks for heads up on this one. I drink Arizona Caution and AZ Energy generally. I did not even realize these were caffeinated. These tend to be easier to find.

  7. I thought these were pretty good I'm a huge arizona fan and decided to try these.....they have good flavor and decent energy

  8. I love these things, honestly i think they taste amazing to me, like a mix of tropical drink without so much sugar with a mild aftertaste, it's very good and when i have one i'm not as tired anymore


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