Friday, November 2, 2012

Review for 5 Hour Energy--Orange


138 mg


Not so common as the others, but still pretty easy to find.


All 5 Hour Energy shots are graced with the appealing imagery of a runner sprinting up a mountain during sunset.  After having tried all…let’s see…nine shots and having almost nothing new to say about any of them, it’s funny how I never get tired of gushing about this.  I love running, I love mountains, I love sunsets, and I love energy—so naturally, I’m a sucker for the combination of all four.  Now, 5 Hour Energy just needs to do two things to earn my approval (because the fate of the most successful energy drink company in the world really hinges on approval of one reviewer…): 1) lose the shrink wrap and stick a decent label on the bottle, which should be three ounces, and 2) make a shot that tastes good.  Monster Hitman might have been boring, but relative to all other energy shots I’ve had up to this point (11-1-12), it’s a veritable masterpiece.


Far from good, but the orange tastes better than most of the other shots, the only exception being Pink Lemonade (review coming soon).  It’s just too bad that the decent flavoring doesn’t do anything about the bitterness or the bad sweeteners.


In a word—good.  It’s the same story as all the other shots that aren’t extra strength or decaf; just enough mid-grade energy to perk you up and get you functioning.


True to the name—five hours of duration and crash free.


5 Hour Energy—Orange might be one of the better shots of the line I’ve had, but at the same time, it’s still not great—from my point of view, you could pay less and get a Monster Rehab—Orangeade, which tastes fantastic and still provides an excellent energy experience.  So regardless of its taste relative to other 5 Hour Energy shots, this still provides an energy experience that’s inferior at best—and unless I taste something that changes my mind really soon, that is probably going to be the bottom line my energy shot reviews from here on out.


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