Friday, March 29, 2013

Review for Mtn Dew Kickstart--Fruit Punch


93 mg




It is a bit unusual to see a Mountain Dew product aimed at a more mature, discriminating demographic, but I do for the most part like what I see.  The can is subtle but at the same time eye-catching, appropriate for a drink that spares the XTREME façade and aims to deliver “just the right amount of kick.”


You like fruit punch?  You’ll like this drink, unless, of course, you’re into sickeningly sweet punches.  The sweetness of this drink is far more muted (having only 80 calories), which is just fine with me, though I would prefer to see sucrose in place of the HFCS.


Energy junkies might be disappointed, but for a small early morning boost (think average cup of coffee), this really isn’t all that bad.


If you’re really needing all-day staying power, I’d pass this over—it delivers about two and a half hours of noticeable alertness, which works for people that need a quick, temporary pick-me-up, but most that need some help staying awake for the duration of their job/education should definitely go for something stronger.


As a fruit-punch flavored substitute for one’s typical temporary pick-me-up, this works just fine, and I do recommend trying it at least once.  I wouldn’t say no to drinking this again, but for the most part, when I need energy, I typically need more than this, and when a small boost is adequate, my drink of choice is still Red Bull—The Blue Edition.

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