Monday, December 31, 2012

Review for Go Girl Lemon Drop


100 mg


Scarcer than most Go Girl products, for whatever reason.  Be patient if you’re looking to find it.


I’m not the best suited individual when it comes to analyzing a design—I don’t sit there and examine it element by element and then as a whole, I just look at it and think, “Does it work?” then “Why or why not?”.  In this case, it bothers me, for the same reason most cans that bother me do—the color scheme.  You can make black and yellow work really nicely; in this case I think the shade of yellow is too dingy, and gives it the look of something that would fit right in at a grimy auto parts store—despite the fact that it’s a female-oriented energy drink.


With lemonade-flavored energy drinks, you either nail it or tank it—there’s very rarely an in between just because of the inflexible nature of the lemon flavor.  In this case, they’ve nailed it—Go Girl Lemon Drop has a Country Time charm about it; not convincing in the least, but exactly what you’re looking for if you’re looking for something that tastes like liquefied lemon-flavored hard candies.  If I could find it nearby, I would not mind drinking it again at all.


Go Girl Lemon Drop works surprisingly well considering its mere 100 mg of caffeine; it woke me up pretty quickly and even supplied a dose of jitters—not enough to annoy everyone around me, but enough that I could enjoy it.


Solid three and a half hours, sans crash.


For only $1.50, 100 mg of caffeine, and five calories, this is not a bad energy drink.  Females will surely appreciate it, and males…probably won’t touch it, but they could and feel confident that they’d get a good flavor and a decent dose of energy.

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