Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review for Mtn Dew Kickstart--Orange Citrus


93 mg


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that these new Dew products are going to be everywhere pretty soon—heck, if they’ve made it to the Rexburg Wal-Mart, there’s a chance that they are already.


With bright colors and a fairly clean-cut execution, these new Kickstart beverages are immediately recognizable as 1) something new and different, and 2) something drastically dissimilar from Mountain Dew’s regular fare—gone are the XTREME fonts and imagery, replaced with something obviously geared more towards more mature drinkers (compare the new slogan “Energizing Orange Citrus with just the right amount of kick” to most of Mountain Dew’s stuff, which seems above all to be positively sodden with excess).  At the very least it’s managed to catch my attention; let’s see how it tastes….


I have made it no secret in times past that I’m not a big Mountain Dew guy—and that being said, this is not a “Dew guy” kind of drink.  This is clearly geared towards a more mature crowd, and I think that among such it will be well received.

The sparkling orange flavor is pretty easy to pinpoint, but not all that easy to describe in detail—if you catch my meaning.  It lies somewhere between “juice” and “soda” on the spectrum between the two executions; maybe a hair more towards the “juice” end.  It is sweet, but not by any means overwhelmingly so (only 80 calories per can…though it is HFCS; I really wish they’d have just used sucrose), and tart, but not so much that you ever forget that this is a Mountain Dew product.  The carbonation reminds me somewhat of seltzer water, except maybe not so sharp as that.

If I had to describe it as anything, I’d just leave it at “breakfast soda.”  It’s not your morning orange juice, but I think it’s close enough that most won’t mind.  Just keep your breakfast high in fiber so that it binds to that fructose and keeps it from getting into your system….


As I mentioned earlier, Kickstart advertises its aim as an energizing beverage with “just the right amount of kick,” and in this, I think it succeeds.  This is not a high-caffeine beverage by any stretch of the imagination, but provided you’re not a hardened, caffeine-insensitive energy monger, this should supply a decent enough buzz to get you going.


Effects were really noticeable for about two and a half hours, after which I don’t really recall a crash.  Recall, though, that this is meant more as a morning pick-me-up rather than a sustained energy rush—so odds are if you’re in this drink’s target demographic, you’re looking for something to get you out of the door more than anything else, and for that it should work just fine.


I think Kickstart deserves a shot at being most any working individual’s morning routine—and remember how much that means, coming from the “really not a Dew guy” type.  It tastes decent and packs a decent little punch, and should only cost you a buck—so pick it up and give it a whirl, and as always, leave me your thoughts.

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  1. This is one of my favorites just because of the taste not the kick.

  2. I had extreme nightmares 5 hours after drinking Mountain Dew Kickstart Fruit Punch. I haven't had such dreams since adolescence 20 years ago. I am a healhcare provider well versed in medications and their side effects. I would run away from this drink if I were you. I had dreams in which I awoke into another dream and had great trouble awakening myself. CAUTION!

  3. Sounds like you have another problem al together^^^^^ this drink is far superior to the rest, especially for that 2:30 feeling that 5 hr energy coined. Not overly intense and it is sold at the right price. And only 80 calories for an energy drink without aspartame? thats absurd.

  4. I have super vivid dreams after drinking this stuff too. It's awesome! They aren't necessarily nightmares and the double dream happens too. I do it on purpose.

  5. Orange Kickstart !!! Awesome truly amazing for people like me that coffee gives them migraines, not with Kickstart Orange, Taste almost Orangina !! (For the European crowd) I mix it with Mountain Dew and is delicious, keeps me going all day not crashes !! maybe because my name is Dew lol, not seriously try it !!
    Dew H.


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