Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Review for NOS--Charged Citrus


260 mg


This one’s pretty scattered in terms of who carries it.  It can be tracked down, but more time passes between sightings than with most.


NOS—Charged Citrus has that same familiar layout as all their products (big freaking vertical “NOS” logo), with a pleasing light green to set it apart from the rest.  It might not be the first thing that catches your attention in the energy drink refrigerator, but as bright as it is, it’s still nothing worthy of scorn.


As the name indicates, the beverage is of the citrus persuasion, but has a homogenized quality that makes it difficult for me to place my finger on what combination of fruits was employed.  If you’ve tasted Mountain Dew, you’ll probably know the flavor—it’s virtually identical to Mountain Dew, though less sweet and with a medicinal aftertaste that you’d expect from a high-caffeine drink.  Even with the aftertaste, it’s a by-and-large pleasant experience.


The kick was virtually identical to that of the original NOS—very intense, though not really any jitters to speak of (it's a weird feeling; you'll just have to try it).  Needless to say you could ask for little more out of an energy drink; I can’t think of more than a couple of situations in which it would fall short to any degree (said situations, for the record, all involve anesthesia and prescription painkillers).


Given the punch NOS—Charged Citrus packs, it’s really not surprising that it lasts as long as it does.  Count on not having tiredness issues to any degree for several hours after you’ve finished the can.


As you can probably imagine, I liked this drink…I liked the fact that it has such a smooth, agreeable taste, I liked the no-nonsense nature of the kick, I liked just about everything about it.  It’s definitely one of NOS’s better beverage, and well worth any energy drinker’s consideration.

WEBSITE: drinknos.com

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  1. I found that it tasted a lot like Mountain Dew, which is good imo


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