Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review for NeuroPassion




Occasionally hit, mostly miss.  I remember seeing this in a lot more about six months back than I do nowadays.  My guess is that the entire line might go the way of Big Lots within the next little bit.


In general, NeuroPassion doesn’t look half-bad.  I like the general simplicity of it, and I like the fact that the bottle looks like something that Marty from the Back to the Future trilogy will be drinking in three years.  What I don’t like is that very little indication is given that this is supposed to be the company’s energy-supplying drink—the only way I could tell was by reading the back, which states that the drink provides “sustained energy—improved performance—increased drive and stamina—enhanced cognitive function.”  If you’re putting out a drink that does all these things, why wouldn’t you 1) make it at least look the part, or 2) at least state it somewhere where the layman is going to take notice?


NeuroPassion is…interesting.  That’s really all I can come up with, and I don’t know that it’s a good thing in this case.  If I had to describe it, I would call it a very sweet fruit homogeny with a very strange bite provided by the carbonation.  I didn’t find it terribly good or particularly life changing, though, so its unique flavor is kind of moot.


As far as delivering “sustained energy, improved performance, increased drive and stamina, enhanced cognitive function,” NeuroPassion falls pretty flat—definitely within the bottom 5 in terms of efficacy.  All you get is a little pep—which you could get by drinking something tasty, like Dr. Pepper.


Effects come and go in less than an hour.


Nothing to see/taste/experience here.  Move on.


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