Monday, December 3, 2012

Review for Energy Sheets--Mint Boost


50 mg/sheet


Strangely enough it isn’t found at larger retail locations such as Wal-Mart, Albertson’s, etc.—I would think that large, nationwide locations like that would want to be in on something like this.  Fortunately for energy seekers, these are found virtually everywhere else—local stores, regional gas chains, etc.


The package is a bit on the strange side, but I can’t say it’s not effective.  First thing you notice is the fact that it’s exceptionally clean and tidy in its appearance—in a day where most energy drink/product packages look like they’re trying to be something out of a Michael Bay wet dream, this one takes a more polished road, and as a result winds up being more eye-catching than many other more ostentatious products.  Next thing is the strange logo—an eyeless smiling face placing a strip on its superfluous tongue—which reminds me of a very happy myrddraal (all you Wheel of Time fans out there will know what I’m talking about).  And after that…well, I guess you start to notice things like how unparalleled this is in terms of convenience (the 4-pack I got could fit into your wallet; the 10-pack isn’t any bulker than a package of gum).  An extra point comes for including a sticker in the package—I like stuff like that.


The taste is a nice, strong mint flavor; it stands along with Listerine strips and the like in terms of potency and agreeability.  The texture is a bit on the strange side—the individually wrapped and stamped (with the jovial myrddraal) are thicker than most dissolvable strips, and as a result melt into a gritty gel more than dissolve.  Other than that, they’re pretty good.


First off, this isn’t a product that you should look into if all you’re after is to get a hardcore buzz—this is a more function-oriented product, delivering a modest but effective increase in alertness in the event that you’re feeling a bit drowsy.  True, you could take more than one (6/10 if you take two at once), but at that point it looses the economical perks, and loses the convenience points (if you’re looking to get jacked on caffeine, you’re going to have to buy/carry a lot of these).


Two hours, no crash.


All in all, Energy Sheets are a pretty nifty energy product.  They taste good, work well considering the low caffeine content, and are unmatched in terms of their convenient packaging.  It’s definitely worth giving them a shot.

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