Friday, December 28, 2012

Review for Monster Energy Dub Edition--Baller's Blend


160 mg


Monster’s been pretty scanty as far as getting this one out there is concerned.  Though it came out at the same time as Cuba Lima and Zero Ultra it got none of the publicity, and I only became aware of its existence through other reviewers.  For the time being, count on having a harder time than usual getting your hands on this one.


If nothing else, Monster knows how to make a flashy can—take a look at this red, black and gold…bling and tell me if I’m wrong.  I have a few issues with this one, such as the cursive “Baller’s Blend” and the boxing glove, which seem strange and out of place in context with the overall motif.


With “Fruit + Punch” featured prominently on the front, I have a pretty good idea what to expect—it was only a matter of time before Monster decided to cash in on the crap fruit punch flavor.  Popping the top I get the expected smell (and a lack of carbonation, funnily enough—anyone else have that experience?)—except maybe a little more complex; I seem to have detected whiffs of mango and cherry in there, as opposed to just the usual ambiguous fruity smell.  Taking a sip, I found the flavor to be more on the fruity side than most punches, which I found to make it more agreeable than most—though I’m still not a fan of the flavor, fruit punch aficionados will doubtless love it.


If you have found in times past that Monster Energy products have worked for you, you will find that this one will also.  If not, then not.  I find that more often than not effects are on the high end of average (with the exception of the original, for whatever freaking reason that has eluded my reasoning), and this one was no different.


I got a pretty solid three and a half hours of energy out of this, which I actually found to be quite helpful as I embarked on a cleaning/sorting crusade (an added bonus is that this burst of energy helped me burn off the crap ton of sugar I got with this drink).


Like fruit punch?  Like Monster?  You’ll like this drink.  Nothing more to say than that.

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  1. Off the can, "It's sweet like the punch you mixed yourself as a kid, but with a little carbonation for a smooth finish." So it isn't supposed to have strong carbonation.

  2. I hate to be a downed, but I disagree on the taste part. It kinda tasted like medicine, but with a good aftertaste. I gave it a 4.5 there. Also, this was the first dub edition I came by. It was easier for me to find the blue ultra, or pink lemonade rehab, etc. I guess it has to do with the area you live in..


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